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Facebook boasts of over 1 billion active monthly users spread across the globe making it by far the most popular social media site across all age groups and societies This Requires some Facebook Marketing, Facebook also attracts over 4.5 billion likes daily, 665 million active users daily, and over 765 million mobile monthly users. With this huge user base, it means that you can take advantage of the platform to promote your Facebook Page

Why use Facebook Business Page

In addition to the social media marketing benefits we’ve already talked about,these are pretty much unique to Facebook.The numbers As I already mentioned, Facebook is by far the biggest social media site based on the number of users. In Facebook, the secret is to get as many people as possible to see your posts or your brand, like it, follow, share or whatever action they have to take as part of your Facebook Marketing Strategy

The fact that an average Facebook user spends about 21 minutes daily means that being on Facebook and sharing your content gives you an opportunity to engage with as many people as possible. Well, here is an interesting fact that will give you greater motivation. An average Facebook user has about 130 friends. This simply means that when you share anything that people share, you are creating a ripple effect when several people share that. Your posts could easily go viral with your Facebook Marketing.

Cross promotion

Facebook is constantly updating its algorithm such that people see less of
irrelevant content on their feeds. One way of ensuring that you get people to see your posts is to have a Facebook Fan page for your business. This Facebook page acts like some sort of mini website for your business. Although this doesn’t automatically mean that the numbers will jump from one hundred to tens of thousands of users, you can be sure that the more you keep promoting the business, the more it grows and the more it promotes your website or brick and mortar store.

Future proof

As I already mentioned, Facebook is always updating its search algorithm. For instance, recently, Facebook banned the use of like gating as a method of attracting likes . Paying for advertising seems to be a norm today unlike in the past where it was easier to promote a business without paying a cent. Although this (paid advertising) is fairly easy and affordable, it is better to use the method now and not later because as more businesses adopt this model, the competition becomes higher, which means that the effectiveness of such ads will probably be lowered. As such, it is better to adapt whatever strategy you use to get likes now and not later!


Unlike in Google and other search engines where you can only target someone based on his or her search preferences, Facebook Marketing allows you to target your audience (if you use paid search) with great precision. For instance, you can target audience in terms of gender, age, location, apps, mobile device use, education, life events, interests, travel, likes and purchase behavior with utmost precision, which simply means that there will be a high conversion rate.

Facebook Marketing Why

This is simply because Facebook users unknowingly or knowingly build a very comprehensive profile about themselves making it a lot easier to target them with pinpoint precision. No other platform, online or offline provides such targeting precision. If you are using paid advertising on Facebook, you could easily target audience that has similar characteristics as your existing audience, which simply means that the conversions will definitely be higher if your existing audience has had good success. You could for instance target lookalike websites, lookalike pages, lookalike mobile app users, and lots of other lookalikes! This ultimately means greater marketing ease and ease of audience expansion. I know you know the limitless potential that Facebook Marketing provides to your business but what has been preventing you from taking advantage of Facebook to market your business fully is lack of knowledge on how to do it right. In simple terms, you are asking,

How can I effectively market by business or increase my brand visibility through Facebook?”

Facebook Page

Facebook Business Page

To get started, simply create a Business Facebook page for your business
then invite your friends to like your page, join groups that have interests in
your products or business, post all your offers in that page and make your
customers to visit that page. Well, since it isn’t as obvious as it sounds, let me take you through the business page creation process:

Step one: Visit this page to create a new page (Please note that you can only create a page when you are already a Facebook user so if you don’t have an account, please create one. You can use your personal account if you want
this account to act as the admin account for that page). The process is pretty straightforward. However, here are some things to note that will make the difference between a killer page and one that is not:

Fill all the fields

Make sure you fill everything that needs to be filled including your contact, website (if any), page description, etc. The page description also helps in organic search and Facebook’s search so ensure that you use some descriptive keywords just to make it easier for people to find you. However, don’t stuff the keywords!

Categorize your business wisely

This will make it a lot easier for people to search it, which means categorizing
your business in the right category can make the difference between being
found and being confused with another business. For instance, if you run a
bar, don’t categorize your business as concert/venue unless you are promoting
concert and venues in your bar. Also, don’t say it is a food grocery if you are
running a plumbing company!

Customize your page URL

You don’t want an unprofessional page URL. At best, you should ensure that
your URL has the exact name of your page (this helps in organic search in
search engines). For instance, if your page is named Michael Roberts, your
URL should be something like facebook.com/michaelroberts. Please note that you can only change your unique address once. Also, you cannot change the Page name when you hit 100 fans.

Profile photo

The profile picture should speak volumes about your business; you shouldn’t just choose anything that comes (It is even advisable to have your company logo).

Should you start inviting people right away?

I wouldn’t recommend that you start inviting people or advertising your page if you don’t have anything on your page yet. Your first priority should be to start posting stuff that people would want to check around when they visit your page. Think about it; would you want to like a page that has no photos, updates, likes etc? If you hardly like pages that have nothing to like, don’t push people to like your page when it has nothing. Asking people to like a blank page will be a wasted opportunity to sell yourself better.

So, should you like your page immediately?

Much as you might think that it doesn’t hurt to like your page as the first
person, I would advise against it. Since liking your page will appear in your
timeline, you don’t want people to see that you are liking pages that don’t
have content yet; you want to reserve that for the time you will have
populated your page or when you think you have had enough posts to make people to want to share, like etc. In simple terms, liking your page as the first person will be wasting potential traffic, which you should have gotten had you opted to wait until you have populated your page with great content.

When to invite your friends

If you have guests that you are inviting over to your house, would you want them to find that the house is not in order? Well, if you don’t want to be embarrassed by the emptiness in your house, have stuff filled in it; it could be decorative art that captures their attention or furniture! Facebook pages needs to have content before you can invite friends to check out what you have been up to!

Should you pay for ads yet?

Well, much as it might be tempting to boost your posts through paying for ads on Facebook, don’t just jump right into it. You should ensure that you have enough content to keep any lead you generate through paying busy and interested in what you have to offer. Just as in the search engines where SEO is critical for success, you need to use some Facebook Marketing strategies to succeed in attracting the audience you want.

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