How to improve your Business Brand on Facebook

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How to improve your Branding on Facebook

Business Brand on Facebook

A good branding definition is hard to come by. And that’s because the definition of branding can be tricky to get to grips with and a Business Brand definition is certainly difficult to write.

What is branding? Is branding about your logo? Perhaps it’s what colours you use, or about the different types of marketing materials you have? Is it how your business talks to people through social media or where you decide to advertise?

Branding is all about getting people to accept or believe that you are providing the best product or service for them, right at the moment that they come into contact with one of your products, services or marketing materials. When you can achieve that status with enough customers, your business growth will explode and you’ll start enjoying some hard earned success.

Business Branding

Join Facebook Groups

Join as many groups as possible and share links to your Business Brand page as often as possible. You could even post in the name of the Fan page. If done well i.e. images and captivating content, you could easily make people to click on your page and like the page. This in turn increases traffic to your Fan page.

Be active-Joining the groups isn’t enough; you need to post as often as possible (don’t spam though). The more people see links to your site, the
more they will be inclined to check it out.

Organize Events to Promote your Business Brand

Organize events and invite your friends or members of the groups that you
have joined. You could hold events in various groups or on your Facebook
page. Also, attend other people’s events and post comments about various
issues discussed in such groups. You could combine this with doing surveys
on various issues relating to your business.

Your Posts

Posts that have between 100-250 characters have been proven to attract up to 60% more likes, shares, and comments than those outside this limit. Be observant on your post length, just to help you analyze how you can actually derive more value from your Facebook posts. You should probably experiment with different post lengths just to help you determine your ideal post length. Trust me; those seemingly minute things that you would probably overlook actually count. Your posts should be short, engaging and shareable.

Start using link posts in order to drive people Business Site

Facebook now shows a clickable thumbnail when you add a link to a website making it a lot easier to attract people to your site. All you have to do is to enter your site’s URL then press enter. By doing that, the title of the page, plus description and image in that URL will be visible (you can also choose to customize the text or image if you want).

Tip: Ensure that the image that displays is catchy to make people want to click on it.

Boost your Branding

Converse with your audience

You should try asking your audience to share their thoughts or feedback with respect to your products and services. Through that, you can easily get to know what customers are looking for and ways through which you can enhance your business. Once this is done, you should then go on to post content that shows that you really took whatever feedback or suggestions they had into consideration. This should in turn build a strong and loyal customer base because they know that you value their ideas.

Be the discount/promotions business Brand

Everyone loves free stuff. Offering special deals or perks to your Facebook
fans is a great way to keep them visiting your Business Brand page and website just to hunt for free stuff. This will in turn drive more sales and traffic. Ensure that you have clear call to actions that have links to the most relevant page. You can blend the discounts and promotions with provision of exclusive information to your fans. You will be amazed by the manner in which this gets people to keep on checking your page just to know what is happening.This is a very handy method of driving loyalty and sales because you make your fans to feel treasured/valued because of having exclusive access to events, contests and news just to mention a few.

Strive towards being timely

I wouldn’t want to visit a page that still has last year’s cyber Monday offers
appearing as its recent posts when it is Easter the year after. As such, you
should ensure that you have posts that depict what is happening at the
moment. If it is Valentine’s Day, your posts should probably be tailored
towards resonating with whatever is happening at the moment. You should
also be timely in your responses; you wouldn’t want to be texting a friend
who replies to your message five days later! In essence, you will notice that
the faster you respond, the more your fans will engage you and the move
visits you will have to your page.

Tip: Try posting sneak peeks of some upcoming product sales some 1 or 2 weeks before major holidays like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, Easter, and Valentines etc. You will be amazed by how you will keep your fans “glued” to your page!

Boost your Branding

Develop a posting calendar

Although it is sometimes good to go with the flow, planning has a profound effect on your success rate in everything you do. Try to have a calendar showing what you want to be talking about (posting) in each week or month. Through that, you can have enough time to research on what you want to post (don’t just post aimlessly). You should also try to find a frequency that works for you. In essence, you should try implementing any strategy you embrace for at least a month before you can switch to another strategy if that doesn’t work.

Schedule your Posts for Business Brand Exposure

I already mentioned the importance of having a consistent posting schedule. What I didn’t tell you is that Facebook now allows you to use a scheduling feature just to make sure that your posts go live at specific times. This will help you cover up for times when you might be busy with something else making it hard for you to post. So, instead of failing to post when your audience is expecting your posts, you can schedule posts by clicking the clock icon located at the lower left hand corner of the page’s sharing tool.

Tip: Ensure that you schedule your posts when a large number of your fans are online just to be sure that you will have greater engagement. You can know stats about that when you visit your page insights (within the posts tab).To manage all your scheduled posts, you simply need to head to the top of your page then choose edit page before choosing Use Activity Log.

Branding Tips

Micro target your posts

If you are targeting specific group(s) of people with your posts, you can micro target them with ease by simply clicking on the target icon that is located at the bottom left corner then choose add targeting. You will notice that you can target your posts based on relationship status, interests, gender, language, location, age, and educational status.

Constantly review performance insights

Don’t expect to get any different results if you are constantly using the same
strategies. The only way you can know how to track this performance is to check your Page Insights as often as possible just to get a clear picture of
what seems to be working and what isn’t working. With that, you can make
sound decisions on the kind of posts to have just to keep your page engaging and relevant. With Page Insights, you stand a better chance of understanding whatever your audience wants by simply analyzing the kind of content they seem to comment, share and like. Thus Improving your Business Brand

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