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Today, there is an added focus on visual marketing. The era of long copy
newspaper ads has passed, being replaced instead by ads with low amounts of text and a focus on the image hence Pintrest Marketing. If visual marketing is the current trend coupled with the fact that a picture can tell 1000 words, all you need is Pinterest Marketing Strategy to tell your stories. As you have noticed throughout the book, I have been emphasizing on the importance of using pictures, videos and other visual stuff to captivate your audience.

Pintrest Marketing:How does Pinterest work

How does Pinterest work? Pinterest basically acts as a way to pin interesting articles from all around the internet. These can be grouped under several sections so that they can be accessed easily and without any hassle. People with shared interests can pin stories from other people’s Pinterest boards, giving the website a sense of community. In a very short time, Pinterest has become a vibrant and thriving social network that is especially prized by marketing experts. Actually, research shows that Pinterest brings in more buyers than any other social media site, ahead of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks that bring high levels of engagement, increased audience response, and a very high click-through rate.

Ensure all your posts have a captivating photo

Essentially, Pinterest works to collect information from various sources. It does not work like a content creating site but as a content sharing site. However, as a content sharing site it has many features that can lead to it
becoming your social network of choice. A pin on a Pinterest board is represented by the image that is attached along with the web page. You will
likely be pinning your own blog posts and content on Pinterest, so make sure that each of your posts has an elegant, contextual photograph. Pinterest is highly visual, as is its audience, and having a photograph is absolutely necessary. If you have older posts that have no photos, start adding photos to them and then pin them.

Create a business account

Pintrest Marketing has many features that are tailored for businesses. This is part of the reason why it is one of the most exciting social networks around today. Thus, when creating an account, make sure that you create a business account, so that you can benefit from the various features and perks of the social network Doing so also gives your brand a face that people can associate with. If you already have some followers on a personal account, change it to a business account. As you do this, ensure that you use a profile image that people can recognize easily; it could be a logo or a product that you want to be known for.

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Pintrest Marketing
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Pintrest Marketing

Partner with influential guest Pinners

Look out for popular Pinterest bloggers who have boards that relate to your brand, and invite them to partner with you in creation and curation of content. This works as a symbiotic relationship with you gaining access to the guest’s audience and following and the guest having access to concessions and first glimpses at your product. The keywords for this activity are hence increased sales and following, ultimately leading to brand awareness and recall.

Engage creatively with your audience Pintrest Marketing Strategy

You could show your appreciation for your audience by baking a cake for
them and pinning the photo on your board as part of a Pintrest Marketing. You could also find a way of ensuring that you inspire your audience based on the kind of pins you have. You could also use this to help people generate new ideas on various aspects of their life. This should help you in getting more pins, followers and repins. You need to be useful for your followers, while also being relevant to the kind of brand your represent and the kind of voice and identity your brand wishes to pursue. However, there is no dearth of creative ways in which you can engage with those who follow you. Ultimately, you are looking to build a community around your pin, and thus around the brand, which is vibrant, selfperpetuating and supportive.

Ensure that your bio and board are descriptive

Your bio and board represent the kind of brand you are and the kind of
information that you wish to be thought of in association with. Keep your bio simple, clean, and direct. Similarly, categorize your pins so that anyone can navigate your page with ease. Moreover, ensure that you don’t have too many boards that could end up having irrelevant photos. Give some thought to your categories. The solution may not always be to create a new category, but when you do so, think of the future and other posts as well. Does your post-fit better in another category? All this helps in making your Pinterest board an organized, informative, and fun experience for your audience.

Be a regular Pinner

We have already talked about the short span of attention that posts receive insocial media. A post lasts in popular consciousness for less than half an hour.In this context, it is important that you post regularly. The benefits of posting regularly cannot be diminished. This can be a great way of attracting a huge following by engaging them actively since very many of your competitors might probably not be pinning regularly. This means that you can easily attract a fairly good following by just pinning as often as once a week. With regular pinning, you will be creating a competitive edge. Posting regularly not only helps build followers for the short term, but keeps you comprehensively in the trending topics of the day and age, and helps you stay relevant, fresh and creative.

Don’t just pin photos

While popular consciousness often frames Pinterest as a board devoted to pictures, it is much more flexible. You can pin videos from YouTube and Vimeo as well, which means that Pinterest is an exciting avenue for cross promotion, providing support to video channels and to major photo blogging websites as well. As a place to curate content, you should build up a vast and varied amount of content about all sorts of subjects while staying pertinent to your core interest. Specifically in this case, however, Pinterest can provide you with a huge boost to your video view count.

Pintrest Marketing:Follow more people on Pinterest

Pinterest provides a host of exciting engagement opportunities. If you like any of the contents they share, make sure to engage them with that – share or repin their pins and leave a comment if you have an insight. Engage your followers regularly and thank those who share or repin your pins, especially if they do so with original content. Yet again, a sense of competition is not characteristic of Pinterest – try to work with people with shared interests rather than against them. This will help you create a community around yours and other related boards. The more you do that, the more you will have an army of people who will be constantl pinning, sharing, and following your content.

Have a board where you pin your products and product ideas

Keep all of your products under a single board (though you can add secondary pins to them depending on the products). Also, ensure that you have a Pin it button on your website, blog posts, and other places. This should make it easy for your followers to pin and follow you, and your products. If your brand has a substantial presence on Pinterest, you can also add a simple widget that can display the best of your Pinterest board.

Be Human

Social media places most of its emphasis on human interactions between the brand and the audience. It is by virtue of personal attention placed by the brand towards its customers that the brand awareness, recall and identity is built. You need to show this human aspect of your brand as part of your Pintrest Marketing and through the cumulative sum of your activities on Pinterest. Share your goals, desires dreams, preferences, aspirations, and style. In a bid to do that, you could have a board about whatever happens behind the curtains (who is behind the business, how do you do stuff etc). People like knowing stuff about others. Loyal customers can appreciate a personal angle about your brand

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