Remarketing with Facebook Guide 6 Winning Tips

Remarketing on Facebook

What is Remarketing

What is Remarketing

In its simplest terms, remarketing or remarketing on Facebook. it is simply a tactic that helps you to advertise to individuals who have shown interest in your product or service after visiting your website. In this case, you segment the website visitors through creating custom ads for such groups of people.

With this case, only such people get to see such ads on Facebook. In essence, remarketing on Facebook enables you to increase conversions while ensuring that you keep your cost of customer acquisition as low as possible. One of the greatest benefits of this Facebook Strategy is that it only shows ads to those who are genuinely interested in whatever you are selling.

For instance, you can remarket to those who already visited your website but did not buy anything or those who have already completed an initial sale. Another target audience for your ad could be those who don’t know about your product but are already interested in something similar.

Since there are both organic and paid visitors, you need to ensure that you differentiate paid and organic traffic. So, how do you stand to gain if you start remarketing

Reduced cost per click

Remarketing on Facebook results to reduced cost per click (much lower than on search engines) especially because Facebook traffic is usually supposed to be far less targeted than any search engine traffic.

In essence, people on search engines are already searching for a certain product or service, which means that they are asking for your service. On the other hand, social media traffic is not as targeted because people are not actively looking for whatever you are selling.

In the search engines, users are usually searching for a particular product, which means they are asking for your product (pull marketing) but in social media, the users are not really searching for anything and may not even convert to paying customers (push marketing). This in turn makes Facebook ads a lot lower than ads on search engine since technically speaking; users on Facebook are not really searching for your product or service at the moment.

Target your Customers

With this Facebook Strategy, you can easily target people who have visited your site but have not converted yet, which means that you are ultimately keeping your cost per click costs low while maximizing customer acquisition. To go about this, you will need to have consistent quality marketing, which entails customizing the message such that it includes some additional information to what such customers are already aware of about your product since their last visit to your website. With that, you can expect to see increased CTR (click through rate) than other marketing campaigns while ensuring that you keep customer acquisition costs low than first time visitor conversion costs. You are also likely to have a lot better engagement.

Improve Conversion Rate

If you have ever marketed anything, you can be certain that converting first
time website visitors into paying customers is not easy and takes time.
Actually, if your industry is highly competitive, such visitors are likely to be checking out multiple sites before they can even make a purchase.

The truth is that they will compare several sites before they can make the purchase so if they leave your site, some will probably have a problem finding your site in future even if they are interested. As such, you risk losing sales if such people don’t finally find their way back.

Others could probably have converted had they gotten some motivation from your end. remarketing comes in handy in such circumstances because when such visitors see your ad especially if it features some more info that they probably didn’t know, they are likely to convert to paying customers.

With remarketing technique, you can even opt to exclude those who have already made a sale through creating a custom remarketing segment for those who have already visited your thank-you page; in this case, you can prevent them from seeing that campaign.

Remarketing, Can Capitalize on Social Proof

As you go on with your marketing efforts, try not to be too limited by the fact that you are only targeting ‘qualified’ customers. You can show your ads to a wider audience such as those who already bought products or services from you just to ensure that you let the two groups of people interact. You will be amazed by the fact that happy customers will be highly willing to post something encouraging that will make those on the fence want to buy from you.

Build trust with your Customers

when someone sees that others have already purchased your product or service. They are likely to feel more comfortable buying from you. Which means that they are likely to convert to paying customers. By doing this, you are also enhancing your brand loyalty.

You want more loyal customers than just new customers. When loyal customers will buy from you with little or no marketing effort i.e. near zero cost of acquisition.

Loyalty Builds Business

One interesting thing about loyalty is that if you extend your audience to start including your current customers. It is a lot easier to upsell while ensuring that you are more social and more engaging. when any customer sees you on any social media platform, they will probably engage you resulting to more conversions. With that, you will have a larger audience so that you can start attaining your goals. So, what impact should you expect from your efforts?

Facebook re marketing

The Facebook Impact
Now you have created the page and have implemented the strategies for increasing likes that I mentioned above. What should you expect after that? How do you stand to gain from your marketing efforts?


Remarketing on Facebook

  1. When you frequently post offers of your products. With remarketing in the Facebook page. it will make more visitors and more hits to your page. This will drastically increase your web traffic.
  2. When you engage your fans on your Facebook page, they will have
    better experience, which means that they will probably respond
    positively about your business.
  3. This in turn attracts more likes/fans since people want to associate with good businesses that give customers excellent experiences. The more positive comments and reviews you get, the more business will come your way.
  4. When you do post sales or post service follow-up, it will increase the number of repeat customers; a remarketing benefit you will also get referrals
  5. through word of mouth. Every business that is on Facebook and is serious about its social media activities. They can probably pay for likes, and figure out ways of getting people to like its page.

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