YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube Marketing
YouTube Marketing

Before you shoot your first minute of video footage, you need to determine how YouTube fits into your marketing Strategy. What is your YouTube marketing strategy—what do you want to achieve, and how?

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YouTube Marketing Strategy

Developing a YouTube marketing strategy is similar to developing any marketing strategy. You need to focus on your customer (audience), your message, your products/services/brand, and the other elements of your
marketing mix.

You can’t just shoot a video and throw it on the YouTube site; you need to develop a plan. This Strategy walks you through the elements of a successful YouTube marketing strategy—what you need to do, why, and how.

Marketing Strategy :What Is the Purpose of Your YouTube Videos?

Let’s start with the most basic strategic issues for any marketing professional: What is the purpose of your YouTube videos? What is your goal? Why do you want to market via YouTube? You have to pick and choose the media you use based on their strategic importance to your company and brand; you have to pick media that serves your purpose and
achieves your stated results.It’s possible that there is no strategic reason for you to market on YouTube.

The point is that you need to determine up front what you want to achieve and how YouTube can help you achieve that. Don’t automatically assume that YouTube is just for attracting new customers or selling individual products—there are a number of ways that you can use YouTube for both pre-sale promotion and aftersale support.

Figure out your goals ahead of time, and then build your plan around
those goals. And, as I said, if YouTube doesn’t help you achieve those goals, that’s okay; you should never shoehorn a particular medium into your plans just because everybody else thinks you ought to.

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing Strategy Who Is Your Customer?

Another factor in determining how YouTube fits into your plans is the customers you’re trying to reach. Just who do you sell to—and why?
This is Marketing 101 stuff, so forgive me if I’m stating the obvious. But many marketers, especially those working online, either don’t know the basics or somehow forget them over time. Sometimes stating the obvious is the most important thing you can do.All your marketing should revolve around the customer, so it’s imperative that you know who that customer is and what he wants.

YouTube Marketing Strategy checklist

• How old is your target customer?

• Is your customer male or female?

• Is your customer single or married?

• What is your customer’s average yearly income?

• Where does your customer live?

• Where does your customer shop?

• What does your customer like to do in his or her spare time?

• How does your customer describe himself or herself?

• How does your customer prefer to receive information:

• What websites does your customer frequent?

• How does your customer access the Internet—via a computer or mobile

• What products does your customer currently use?

• Is your target customer a current client or new client

• Does your customer know about your company or product?

If your customer is a heavy YouTube viewer, and if he’s open to commercial messages among his entertainment, YouTube holds promise as a marketing vehicle for your company. On the other hand, if your customer never visits YouTube, or is diametrically opposed to commercial messages intruding on his entertainment, you really shouldn’t include YouTube in your marketing mix. After all, you don’t want to advertise in places where your customer isn’t.

What Is Your Message?

Assuming that you’re using YouTube to promote your company, brand, or
product/service, what message is it that you want to impart? Marketing is about more than just offering a product for sale; it’s also about creating and conveying a company/brand/product image—and that image is conveyed as part of a cohesive marketing message.

Your YouTube videos need to carry the same or similar message that you use in your other advertising media. This message is critical to everything
you do in your marketing efforts; it should grab your customers’ attention, tell them how you can solve their problem/meet their needs, and convince them that you offer the best of all available solutions.

The biggest mistake that companies make is to communicate“what we do” instead of “what we do for you.” Customers want to hear what’s in it
for them, not what’s in it for you. In addition, you must present your message in terms of benefits rather than features.

How Will You Measure the Results of Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Creating a video and posting it on YouTube is just part of the process. How do you measure the success of that video? The first key to measuring success is to determine what kind of response you wanted.

This is key: To measure the success of your YouTube video, you have to first determine what it is you hope to achieve. Then, and only then, can you measure the results:

• If your goal is to generate sales, measure sales. Include your website’s
URL (ideally to a unique landing page) and toll-free number in the
video, along with a promotion or order code, and then track sales that
include that code.

• If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, measure your traffic
(pageviews and unique visitors) pre- and post-YouTube video. Use site
analytics to determine where site traffic originates from; specifically
track the traffic that came directly from the YouTube site.

• If your goal is to build your brand image, measurement is more difficult.
You’ll need to conduct some sort of market research after your Video campaign has had a chance to do its thing, and ask customers what they think of your brand—and where they heard about it.

• If your goal is to reduce customer or technical support costs, measure
the number of support requests before and after uploading the YouTube
video(s). The more effective the video, the fewer the subsequent calls
for support.Of course, another way to measure your video’s success is to count the number of views it achieves on YouTube. This, however, is a false measurement.

Just because many people view your video doesn’t mean that it has accomplished the goals you set out to achieve. A video with 100,000 views is nice, but it means nothing if you wanted to boost your sales and it didn’t do that. Entertaining YouTube viewers is one thing, but generating sales (or establishing brand image or whatever) is quite another.

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What Type of Video Content for YouTube Marketing Strategy

What type of video should you produce for YouTube Marketing Strategy More immediately, what types of video can you produce? You have a number of choices to make when determining what type of videos to produce for YouTube.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation; what works for one company might bomb completely for another. In fact, what works today might not be what you need to do tomorrow. And, of course, you’re not limited to a single approach; many companies employ two or more different types of videos, each designed to achieve its own specific goal.

Creating Informative Videos

Creating Educational Videos

Creating Entertaining Videos

Humorous Spots

Finally, don’t fall into the trap of taking yourself too seriously. Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are humorous ones; the funnier the video, the more likely it is to gain a large audience and go viral. It’s okay to make fun of your company, your product, or yourself, or just to treat the topic in an entertaining fashion. YouTubers like to be entertained, and they’ll tolerate a promotional message if it’s a funny one.

Finally As you can see, a lot of thought goes into creating a successful YouTube Marketing Strategy video. It’s not just a matter of recycling an existing spot, or even of setting up a camera and pressing the Record button. You need to determine what you want the YouTube video to achieve, who your audience is, how your video fits within your overall marketing mix, and how you intend to measure the results. Then, and only then,can you decide what type of video to produce—and then start working on it.

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